Get your “Hypnosis for Scenes” 

with Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist Chris M. Lyon


Chris is an Author and D/s educator at and a long-time member of the KAP (Kink Aware Professional) directory.

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Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful

Use this relaxing hypnosis audio before a scene to help you 
optimize your scene experience and help with recovery after


With “Hypnosis for Scenes”, you can enjoy a peaceful, relaxed state, while suggestions are made to help you manifest your intentions for your next scene, and have better recovery afterwards. Hypnosis has significantly helped many people with “sub drop" and  "Dom drop".


Hypnosis has no side effects, is non-toxic and non-invasive.

Tap into the power of your unlimited mind.

With hypnosis, the mind goes into an ideal state to accept and use positive suggestions effectively.
Most people naturally go into "trance" often; in fact that's what daydreaming is.

Note: This is not for use during scenes. Do not listen to this while impaired, operating heavy machinery, driving, or doing anything that requires your attention for safety reasons. This is not medical treatment or advice, You cannot do or say anything against your will while you are under hypnosis. You hear everything that is said.

When buying and/or using this, you understand that there are no guarantees on success rates, outcomes or results and that individual results vary. You agree to hold harmless Chris M. Lyon from any and all claims and liabilities from the use of this hypnosis recording.
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