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"The Path of the Submissive Partner" 


"As a newly single person, coming out of a difficult relationship, this course set me on a path toward the best possible future relationship by giving me simple, practical tools for communicating my needs, working through conflict, and understanding my traits as well as those of my partner. I wish I had taken the course years ago! If you’re thinking about it, don’t wait!"


"Chris is an amazing person with so much understanding and empathy. I truly believe she saved my “doomed” marriage. She gave me the tools my husband and I needed to find success in our relationship. I thank her every day for getting me through my hardships in my new marriage."


"This is our personal bible!! My spouse and I searched high and low for a book like this, and it is the only of its kind we found. Not only does it stand alone, but is incredibly well written. With every page turn, we found ourselves saying YES!!...I even gave it to my mom to read, because it had the words I just couldn’t find to explain why my relationship was so perfect for me. After she read it, she very clearly understood who we are as people, and why we are a perfect match for each other. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in D/s relationships, or who knows someone who is."


"How wonderfully refreshing to find material that addresses the dynamics of this life choice, that some of us hold so dear. It has been a tremendous help in being able to explain what it is we value so much in our partners. Thank You for taking the time, & putting in so much effort, to aid others in being true to themselves."


"I don’t care how much this costs, it has been worth every penny…this woman has changed my life."


Chris M. Lyon

Author, Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships. Relationship Expert, Personal Coach, Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

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