What does it really mean to live life
as a Sensitive Person?

Some seem to view it as a weakness…
lacking personal strength, ability, drive, endurance.


The truth is, Sensitive People, (some who are Empaths),
are powerful and can learn to THRIVE in life! 


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In An Overwhelming World

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  • Are you hurting deeply from the past?
  • Do you feel inundated by external energy?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with life?
  • Do you experience extra sensitivity to emotions, physical sensations or your environment?
  • Do you feel like you don’t “fit”?
  • Do you have an acute “knowing” or “sensing”?
  • Do you feel emotions deeply?
  • Do you give a lot, yet feel neglected?
Have you had enough of trying to manage your life as a non-sensitive person?

Some sensitive or highly sensitive people have been told that they are weak, lazy, or too sensitive. They may believe that being sensitive is a disadvantage or is something “wrong” with them.

Many people don’t understand that this is “Sensory Processing Sensitivity”, a difference of the central nervous system for up to 20% of the population. Sensitive people are strong and insightful, but most are not taught to manage and live their lives to benefit from their gifts and abilities, to thrive as sensitives.

When they compare themselves to others who are not sensitive, some believe their sensitivity is a disadvantage.

Sensitive people were often taught how to live as non-sensitives in a largely non-sensitive world.

For instance, instead of understanding and managing overwhelm, many think it’s a flaw or weakness and shut down or feel numb.

Many sensitives struggle with second-guessing themselves, self-esteem and confidence issues.

They feel alone and hopeless. They seem to be forced to live in chaos and unresolved hurt. They often take things personally that aren’t related to them.

It's time to stop managing your life as a non-sensitive and learn how to THRIVE as a sensitive person!

Thriving as a sensitive person
means that you are in control of your life more than ever.

You create healthy habits to recharge; release negative energy; calm, center and ground yourself.

You are less affected by other people’s issues, you don’t take things as personally.

You are tuned in and focused on your purpose and gratitude.

You create deep compatible connections with like-minded people.

You take full advantage of your gifts and strengths as a sensitive person.

We didn’t have this important information before, but now that we have science to explain Sensory Perception Sensitivity, it makes sense!


We know that more than ever, we can have control over our minds, our thoughts, our nervous system.


This is absolutely LIFE-CHANGING.


Now that you know, you can easily find how to begin to change your life
to fully thrive like never before, by taking action.

Sensitive people deserve to have a better life, and to love who they are.

They can remove the shame and doubt, building a strong, confident sense of self.

When you learn how to manage your life specifically as a sensitive person,
you’ll never want to go back!

There are simple, proven, powerful mindsets and tools that help with awareness, mindfulness, energy support to help you begin improving the quality of your life right away.


My mini-course,

Managing Your Life as an Empath/Sensitive Person in an Overwhelming World – a life-changing course that is much needed in a non-sensitive world.

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Hi I’m Chris M. Lyon,

a therapeutic and performance Coach and Board Certified Hypnotist.


I am certified in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health. Believe me, I understand what it means to be a highly sensitive person.

I’m a highly sensitive person, who has lived with PTSD most of my life, and I’ve been studying high sensitivity for 25 years.

What I’ve learned has changed my life, and helped transform my clients’ lives for more than 20 years.


By demand, I’ve created an easy, mini-course loaded with much of this information and tools to help you get a powerful start if you are ready to thrive as a sensitive person!

This mini-course will help you see your life with a more open, clearer view. You’ll be able to step into your gifts and strengths.

Students say they feel a weight removed from them, and it super-charges their healing process.

You’ll be able to access your most resourceful processing and coping mechanisms, you’ll better understand the value of boundaries and self-care.

This course can truly empower you to live a high quality life as a sensitive person.

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“This course is not overwhelming by any means, it is very relaxing. I was able to sit and listen to all the videos while unwinding for the evening. However, it is not necessary to listen to them all at once. The biggest impact of this mini course for me in my life is that of the energetic inventory! Eliminating overwhelm has had such a huge impact on my life. Empowering self by taking back control of what you expose yourself to, life changing!“

Danni S.

"Managing Life as an Empath/Sensitive in an Overwhelming World: is truly life changing. I have learned about myself as a sensitive person and how to live in this world without being overwhelmed. I also realized that as a sensitive I take in more stimuli than someone who is not as sensitive. This mini course has been incredibly eye-opening and has influenced how I look and live my day-to-day life, significantly."

R.M., Administrative Assistant, Parent 

“I just started and the second video hit hard so far, thank you for this mini-course!”

- Heather M.

“This is not quite a mini-course, it’s loaded with rich, life-changing content!”

- Nik B., Consultant

“I don’t care how much this costs, it has been worth every penny…this…has changed my life.”

- R.S., Business Owner, Computer Specialist and Electrical Engineer

What you'll get from this course:


Learn how to use helpful resources that you already have, for a better, more empowered life.


Discover new mindsets that will “reframe” situations for you that can help set you free from limiting thoughts and beliefs.



Find out why comparing ourselves
to others can be harmful.


Learn what a relief boundaries can be, and how
it can boost our self-esteem, but with less conflict
than you may think!



How to deal with being haunted by the past.



Learn how to make commands to your mind that help to inspire, empower and protect you.



How to optimize self-care
and why it’s a game-changer.

Bonuses Include:



Pleasant, relaxing guided visualizations to clear, protect and ground yourself as a sensitive person



An overwhelm list to help you determine how you are using your energy so you can use it in an optimum way



A helpful, comprehensive
Resource Guide for sensitives!



An extra collection of short informative videos
made just for sensitives



A Workbook in PDF format for notes, guiding you through eye-opening, simple exercises

The bonuses alone are well worth more
than the cost of the course.

Normally this powerful, proven guidance and education would be worth over $500 –
it’s truly transformative for sensitive people.

Managing Your Life as an Empath/Sensitive Person
in an Overwhelming World

This is a life-changing course that is much needed in a non-sensitive world.


The course and bonuses, the entire package

is available for a short time at $297 


at a low $57

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The course is easy to take. 

There is no requirement, testing or assessment. 

Managing Your Life as an Empath/Sensitive Person
in an Overwhelming World

This is a life-changing course that is much needed in a non-sensitive world.

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This mini-course was made for sensitives – no overwhelm necessary!


It is organized to be easy to experience and learn from.

You can take it at your own pace.

Money Back Guarantee

If you take the entire course and decide it doesn’t help you worth what you paid, we’ll provide a full refund within 60 days.