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"I have known Chris Lyon for 18 years, she has assisted and guided me through many horrific situations. As a medical professional, I have faced numerous, difficult scenarios. With Chris's intelligent, insightful wisdom-I made it through. I have experienced several tumultuous relationships and broke through past beliefs and with her help, I was able to transform my way of thinking and responding. She saved my life!"

Cindy W. Sparks, Retired Nurse

"Chris Lyon has been instrumental when I needed to make changes in my life. I first met her several years ago when I was transitioning out of a twenty-year marriage. Then she provided enormous help when I wanted to create a new career path. She has made me aware of how little value I was placing on my own needs, and now I understand that I deserve more out of life.

With Chris, I feel like I have an advocate – someone who encourages me to be true to myself and to trust that anything is possible. I think one thing that Chris does best is to help me see that previous decisions had been made out of habit, from false beliefs I had about myself or others. Now I see through new eyes.

Finally, Chris is a real person – we’ve had a lot of laughs, especially when I get caught trying to make choices in line with the “former” me. She does not want me to settle for second best anymore! I am now on a career and life path which I truly love. I am forever grateful to Chris, who has made a major impact on my life."

- Sheila Shuster, Self-Care Coach, Writer

“Chris helped me assess my leadership style, organizational structure, and work flow habits to make changes that improved my ability to lead a national trade association. My company grew from…half
million dollar budget to a two million dollar budget in less than 6 months.
I could not have brought the organization
through that transition successfully without her insight and support. Executive coaching works!”
Michelle L. Freridge, Executive Director, Free Speech Coalition, Inc.


Chris has made an incredible difference in my business. Her perceptive look at potential problem areas has helped avoid costly mistakes. She has helped me personally in understanding how the employee sees the same situation differently from my view. In this way communication has vastly improved and the staff and I are happier. I whole heartedly recommend her work."
Dr. Carol McCalment, M.D., NMD, Resort Spa Owner, Private Practice

"When I contacted Chris, I had just left my third abusive relationship with a Narcissist. I felt as if this one had broken something inside of me…I had been through years of therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD.  I knew that this was the next level help that I needed. It was as if I had entered graduate school for PTSD and Narcissistic abuse survivors.

During our time together I had several moments of realization that changed my life. I had been groomed from the time I was a young child to serve and please Narcissists. When I had this realization, it was incredibly freeing. From there I learned boundaries. Chris taught me how to recognize a Narcissist by running them through a filter in my own mind. Guess what? It works!  I am happily living proof."

- Ozzy Wheeler, Artist

"With Chris’s guidance I went on dates with several people, eventually meeting the love of my life. We have just celebrated 8 months in complete harmony. Chris helped me understand what love is NOT and what love IS. I would not have met Jen or recognized love without the help of Chris. Jen and I are celebrating our 8 month-anniversary with tremendous gratitude for Chris."

- Nikki G. Executive Director 

"I have been going to Chris for over a decade.  Chris has supported me through clinical depression, relationships, moving to homes, jobs, and family challenges. 

Chris also has a strong understanding of general human nature and the differences between gender, age, and life experience.  Chris is able to adjust her conversation with you to respond in a way that her client will be receptive to her information. 

With nearly all of my sessions I left feeling equipped with tools to make improvements in my life immediately.  Chris has coached me through numerous negative relationships and over time changed my perspective on what attributes were most important in a partner. 

I eventually met the most patient, understanding, supportive, and communicative woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing, whom accepted my invitation to be my wife. Without Chris’s help, support, and understanding, I am not sure what person I would be today, and I doubt I would have achieved my relationship goals. 

I attribute much of who I am as a man today and my excitement for the next stages of my life to the benefits I received through sessions with Chris Lyon."

- Brett Lorenzen, CEO

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“I have been seeing Chris on a weekly basis for the past 18 months. Chris has helped me immensely in areas of self-control, mental & physical healing, and confidence. She continues to help me in the art of communicating with others so I can maintain open and positive communication.”

Lee Kitchens, Retired Veteran and Executive, Gold Canyon.

“The combination of Chris’ non-judgmental support, effective coaching techniques, suggestions, and hypnotherapy sessions has allowed me to overcome many tough challenges in my life that had been holding me back and keeping me from moving forward in a positive direction. Chris has guided me to approach things (divorce, family, love, career, etc.) in new ways, and replace thoughts and actions that weren’t serving me well with fresh, new thoughts and ideas that work! I have actually been able to go off of anti-depressants, and my relationship with myself and others has never been better. She truly cares and is dedicated to giving her best to her clients, so that they may realize their best selves.”

K.B., Executive

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